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as Marisa said, abusive attacks and *****-disturbers wont be accepted on this site.

so say for a second we allow religion and politics to be on the forums again...because we have decided to adopt your view on how to moderate the forums.
I'll bet all my snakes that within the first 24 hours, there will be at least a few heated discussions by the time i get home from work, and after a hard day, ill have to spend hours, as thats what it normally takes to read these threads, just to have to put it into the bad threads at the end of it.
Not to mention, the group of ppl i have to start banning because they stepped out of line.
and who gets banned?
the first guy who jumped in with a sassy attitude and a swear word, or the next guy, who started off pleasent, but blew his top once stupid guy #1 jumped in?
So they all get banned.
stupid guy #1 never really offered anything to the site. so its ok to ban him.
but that one pleasent guy, had 1100+ posts of good solid information they shared prior to this little outburst.
So now were in front of the firing squad because other members felt pleasent guy should have been given a warning b/c he has so much to offer, but cant walk away from a debate gone sour because hes a proud catholic.
by letting these topics to be discussed were making a lot more work for ourselves...and a lot more troubles.
it wont EVER be allowed to be discussed on this forum, regardless of where this thread continues to head. thats not a prediction, thats a fact.

im going to stop there, as ill just be repeating something thats already been stated in this thread.

Grant van Gameren
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