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And "collecting a herp is a political act"

But these people aren't talking about that! And if it was truely a herp related discussion then fine. But it CLEARLY wasn't in this case and it hardly ever is. It may start that way but it ends in fighting.

I am just saying all these complaints are coming from people who want to talk about this stuff obviously. And some of these complainers seem to think they can run a forum this size better (because they have a lot of problems with this place apparently, again not you at all but generally) so why don't they just abide by the SIMPLE easy to understand rules, or go make their own forum if this one is handling things in a manner they don't agree with? Jeff has asked like 55 times in a nice polite way but people just ignore him. Its rude and disrespectful if you ask me.

Again none directed at you but generally. ya know. lol
P.S. Yes maybe just a ban on attacks (which there already is) would work, but the owner of this site and the mods have CLEARLY posted their position on it, they do not want it discussed. My point is how many times do they have to ask this until people just shut up and listen? ya know what I mean? Why are people forcing them to be borken records like they can't even read what they say? Its stupid. If I was Jeff I would have blown my top by now.

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