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It was NEVER for non related herp topics! What it meant was anything herp that didn't fit into a species specific catergory. It wasn't until people started posting religion and crap that it became the "do as you feel forum"

It was never a post anything forum. Ever. Maybe the wording is wrong but by "anything" it means anything that didn't fit into the catergories. I don't see why thats hard to understand considering we are on a REPTILE website.

You don't want anyone to define anything so what DO you want? You want no off topic posts because cannot define religion? Thats a little ridiculous if you ask me. You want them to define it and then have them watch people CONSTANTLY cross the line? That creates MORE work for them.

Like I said, since the time this site opened the general forum was for things that didn't fit into the species specific categories. Not do as you feel, that idea came from members posting whatever they wanted, not the sites idea.

And I agree. More is not needed. But less complaints to this website from people are. (not specifically you of course, just generally) when they decide enough is enough, why can't people who aren't supporting this site in the first place agree with that and just let it go?

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