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The General Discussion forum is specifically for non-herp related topics, therefore obviously there are mods to deal with more than just the herp stuff. IF what you were saying was true and no one wanted to have to moderate off topic threads then they simply wouldn't exist, there would be no General Discussion forum. Doing that would not, as I've said, eliminate personal attacks. You say it is "simple" to keep religion and politics out of the discussions, if that were so then maybe you could define what those words mean. You can't! And again, herp collecting itself is a political act. It's far easier to define personal attacks as insults or put downs directed at another member. A rule like that draws a clear line, it doesn't say you can talk about this but don't talk about that, it says express your opinion but don't abuse others. What can be simpler? I realize that a rule similar to that already exists, what I'm saying is that no more is needed.
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