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I totally understand that the only reason the admin. has tried to steer people away from certain areas is to try to avoid some of the stupidity and that makes sense to me. The problem is that it doesn't work. One of the mods said that you can explain the rules 99 times and some people still won't get it. You can't prevent people from talking like idiots by limiting what the idiots can talk about. How many times have you seen people get out of line in a herp thread? I've seen it lots. I've been on the receiving end of some abuse in fact but it hasn't by any means been limited to off topic discussions. It just makes a lot more sense to me to forbid the abusiveness than to forbid individual subjects. I wonder what you think of this thread. It is neither political nor religious but it has brought more than 50 responses and over 800 viewings in less than 24 hours. There have been a lot of opinions expressed in this thread and a lot of people clearly feel strongly about what they are saying. So far no one has resorted to name calling or anything like that so what we've had is a good debate and, in my opinion, an entertaining conversation. We don't all agree with eachother and you can look at that as a negative thing if you like but I would suggest that if everyone always agreed then no one would waste their time talking to eachother in the first place. Should there be no discussing things that we don't all agree on? There is a difference between a debate and a fight. Whenever you have a discussion where there isn't total agreement you will hear the opposing opinions and that opens the door for that small minority of trouble makers to put others down based on their opinions. Now you can either forbid the put downs or you can go the other way and forbid everyone, no matter how well behaved, from talking about things that may inspire or give ammunition to that small group of jerks that in reality will find something to insult other people about regardless of how limited the conversation may be. You could cut all the forums out but one on this site, let's say that happened and all you could talk about was Ball Pythons, don't you think those same ignorant people would still cause problems? "You keep your enclosure at 70% humidity? Are you stupid?" If you really watch you will notice that it's the very same people that cause trouble no matter where they go. It can be a discussion on Christianity or a discussion on the humidity level of a ball python's enclosure, either way the idiots surface and then someone has to deal with them. Banning topics to avoid personal attacks is like banning cars to stop drunk driving, it's just clumsy.
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