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mouse killa,

i understand your reasoning, and my post was in no means directed to you personally. We do have a report button if you look at the bottom left of each and every post on these will see it.
luckily enough ppl use it to to make are job a lot easier.

over the past year there have been tons of ppl who have acted out in a manner which should get them banned. however, we've rarely banned someone on there first negative post, let alone there second and third negative post, we warn ppl and do our best to keep members around as ive seen some of them change for the best.
others dont, they get banned.
Some are so caught up on there "freedom of speech" and reluctance to follow rules that the'll give us a very hard time when we try to fill them in on why we deleted a post, or whatever the case may be.
But id rather spend the extra time to keep members around, then ban ppl with the push of a button.
My point is, off topic posts like "happy birthday to X" or "check out my car" rarely bring about a flame war.
religion and politics always do. Rather then ban memebers, we delete posts on this, and spend the rest of our time browsing for other stuff that should be removed...
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