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I wasn't trying to put anybody down or complain about the site. I was simply making an observation that the rules are somewhat ambiguous. It's been acknowledged that it's impossible to totally separate religion and politics from even the most strictly reptile related forums let alone the general discussion forum. What I was trying to do is offer a simpler rule. Simpler to understand for members, simpler to enforce for you guys. If you just say "no personal attacks" then you don't have to waste all that time you're talking about reading all the non-herp posts to screen it for forbidden topics. It's hard to say, as I'm sure you're position has shown you, when a conversation has turned political, philisophical or religious but it's quite easy to see when someone has crossed over to insults and attacks. Again, it isn't a problem with certain topics, it's certain people. Remove the idiots and the rest of us will be able to discuss nearly anything peacefully. I've seen other forums where it is possible to report a post, maybe that would be a way to take some of the pressure off you guys. If someone insults you report it to the Mod, they make their call and that's that. I understand the goals of the rules, I'm just saying that a simpler rule would be much easier for everyone but like Burger King, have it your way.
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