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Member support or not I will continue to fund it and the site is staying up regardless so really its not complaining its asking members to give back if they feel they get alot out of the site, sell stuff in the classifieds, etc... If you sell a 300$ snake and make a profit of 50$ - 100$ from our classifieds, how hard is it to give 1$ back... it sounds corny but if 100 members have 1$ a month it would make a huge differance and I am sure 100 snakes are sold in the classifieds monthly anyways... There is nothing on this site that a member cant use that isnt free which you COULD upgrade and use on a better / differant level... Alot of these things like classifieds we could charge for but I dont beleive in charging for use of classifieds especially for someone who is selling 1 corn and they are forced to pay 100$ a year for a account... Its pretty silly... Sorry for the rant... time for work!!! is offline