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It could be a possibility!! Just as Grant and Shane explained it would start to draw people for the wrong reasons etc, but it sure would be usefull at times you right....

As for complaining about not being able to pay for the costs etc, its really not complaining... The site isnt run off a 35$ web hosting account the server is several hundred USD a month and some months we get 1 photohosting account or 1 banner ad and a few photo account which is nowhere near the ammount to cover the costs... so far costs incurred is well over $4000 usd for the server bills alone in the last year... If you guys could afford to invest 4000$ USD a year into something that may break even or "maybe" make a profit one day and not really care then my hats off to you!! I just feel that a community of nearly 4000 members would have at least broke the server bills even each month but unfortunatly it hasnt... I dont complain unless its brought up like now, just letting you know why the people who know the costs would say something... Going by the current statistics at 3500 members at a average over the last 12 months of $150 a month (some more some nothing at all) We would need to have well over 1000 members to start to break even... is offline