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lol I didn't mean we sell all our junk on here I just meant we could offer non-herp stuff for herps. It's still herp related. What the difference, we are still making deals invovling herps. Like I said Reptile Rescue does it pretty succesfully so why shouldn't the #1 herp site incorporate something similar. If you think it's a bad idea hey it's your call but there's nothing "unrealistic" about it when a site that's not even half as good as this one can pull it off.
What ever you think, it was just an idea.


BTW I noticed you guys complain about not being able to pay the bills alot. Maybe we could organize some type of fund raiser. I have done this successfully many times for the iguana rescue programs and raised alot of funds for them. I am sure we could do something similar here if this site is really that bad off.
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