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I am sorry to see Chuck banned, personally I learned alot from his very well wriiten and accurate posts as they pertain to herps. Is there anyway he may one day be able to return to the site?
As for the religion/politics stuff I'm with the staff in that it's left better for some where many "cyber-balls" on these types of sites. We should all be a tight-knit community since our passion of herps is threatened constantly from every corner, we need to work together and topics like religion/politics unfortunately tear us apart. In that light and since like you say this is a family site I think relationship issus (such as the dating a married woman thread) should also be shunned. No need for us to add to the crap the net already flounders in. Herps, friendly news, and concerns should be the focus here. Sorry if I added to the pot in that religion thread. It IS a touchy subject especially for a christian as we feel the need to bring others to our faith. There is no way we can't debate. Leave it for some where else. I don't want to be banned but even more I cannot leave my Faith's impossible. So rather then make a damned if you do/damned if you don't choice I would prefer to see the problem eliminated before it manifests. Not all problems can be halted (as seen in the work out thread and dozens of others) but they can sbe ignificantly reduced if we all realize we are a community united under a common interest and we work together as such. Also Mousekilla is one hundred percent correct in the banning of ppl who feel the need to bash others for no reason at all. These ppl are a disgrace to the site and make us all look bad. Why hurt some one feelings for nothing...just keep it to yourself.

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