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Sweet i'll talk with my boyfriend to see about getting another cable to hook up to the router to run downstairs to the PS2. It sucks the puters upstairs and were downstairs so now it calls for some more holes in the floors and another 50 foot cable. I like both systems that's a reason we have both well, mostly cause certain games only come out on certain systems( thats so irritating). But since we have both systems we buy a majority of x-box games.

I'll tell my man about that game i'm sure he'll enjoy playing it (seeing as he LOVES halo and keeps getting pissed that they keep setting the date farther back for halo 2) I've had that game reserved since febuary. The only action or first person game kinda like that, that i've ever gotten into was tomb raider except now cause they have crapped it all up!!! played one hour of the newest release and haven't played it since then.

Network adapter??? would you explain??? if i have to purchase it do you know around how much they go for?

I think our addiction to video games is just as bad if not worse then our addiction to herps!!!
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