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I pay 50 bucks a year for my subscribtion to x-box live and thats it and it included the headset. I did have an extra bonus since i was a beta tester i got to play games before anyone else and got one years free subscription. If i want to play everquest then i would have to buy an additional subscribtion through them (they are the only game that does this) all other games do not charge you anything plus they have some pretty cool free downloads that you can't get any other way.

My boyfriend and myself have all the systems x-box, game cube, PS2 and 1. Gameboy regular, advanced, and sp. plus all the old systems. But to be honest we only bought the PS2 for Final Fantasy and Vice city. we also only got the game cube for mario cart double dash (which we are eagerly waiting for the release in 2 weeks and it's taking forever). We compare games on the systems all the time. and we both like the x-box the best. The graphics seem so much better and usually there are some added stuff (only given with the x-box versions) with games that are released on both systems. Plus never any memory cards and i can store music on the system and play them in a few select games that give the option (my own collection of music while playing a cool game what could be better) !!! My boyfriend would enjoy socom but those aren't my types of games. Just like halo i don't like that game great graphics yes great game play of course my intrest nope.

do you have to pay for PS2 or just hook a cable up to it from a router and your good to go(i have a cable modem)???

X-box controllers do suck but i've gotten used to them big bulky things but i recently got a small controller (yeah i'm a girl and i have small hands) so i find that ones easier for me to use.
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