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X-box live gamers

Ok i'm sure alot of you out there don't care about this post and i don't blame ya. But not only do i have a love for herps but i LOVE playing video games!!! I have been a member of x-box live since before it came out on the market. that's right i was lucky enough to be a beta tester ya that was so cool for me... anyway any of you other herpers share this same intrest as me if so share your gamertag and what online games you have. Maybe we can challenge each other sometime.

My gamertag is Empress Judge (actually mine and my boyfriends).
and we play mostly wacked and outlaw volleyball (if anyone else played this game online). We are also thinking about getting mech assult and rainbow 6 ( i think that's what it's called). also if they ever release it Halo 2.

*disclamer* (LOL) sorry for any of you that did not want to read this but this is another intrest of mine and was hoping someother people from this site also shared this intrest and wouldn't mind playing sometime.
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