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I think Marisa brought up a very good point.

When heated topics arise, i see many people who are quick to say "if ya dont like it, dont read it".
The fact of the matter is, are members dont have to read it, however the mods do...
I for one, cant stand talking about religion, cant stand talking about politics, know nothing about cars, nor could i stand picking up a magazine on any of these topics and reading about them.

I didn't accept this position to spend hours of the day reading off topic threads like "my girlriend dumped me" or hurting my eyes going through pages of threads on religion looking for one "out of line" sentence or someone acting improper.

i joined the moderation team because it's needed if things are to run smoothly, i believed in jeffs vision of what he wanted it to become and because i enjoyed reading about reptiles as well as having enough time to lend a hand.
I now find myself with little to no time to really enjoy many of the "herp-related" threads this site has to offer.
I now find myself spending waaaay to much time in the GD then id like, as well as not enough time in other forums where i think the best knowledge is shared.

It must be nice to have the ability to ignore any thread you wish.
for us, we have to visit queensnake if we want to know what that feels like.
Maybe we should scrap the GD all together? While were at it, the joke forum too??? believe me, ite been considered....

But no, Jeffs been persistent that these stay up, as he knows all you guys and girls like em! And hes here to please.
SO, is it not fair to ask that a few topics not be discussed??? to make our lives a little easier???
In my opinion, this is the most smoothly run website with the largest amount of non-herp related material out there.

We try to keep as many threads up on the forums, but a few topics have NEVER ended good, so why allow them?
if every time a certain topic of a thread led to a flame war, we'd ban those topics as well. luckily we have a great group of members who do a fair bit of moderating themselves and it hasn't really come to that.
Unless its an outright conflict with the TOS, every deleted thread is a judgement call.
If you cant understand that, then thats toooooo bad, causes its going to remain that way.

Its interesting how a majority of the complaints come from members who arn't site supporters.
Your support goes to keeping the site up and running, not to any of the mods or jeffs car insurance (no matter how high it may be now ).
Ppl should feel lucky enough that jeff pays out his a$$ for a site that has turned into a discussion mainly on "someone getting dumped by someone" , or "opinions on sleep disorders". let alone to have to deal with ppl constantly challenging the way the site is run.
if we were charging a fee to be a member, perhaps we could reason with you. luckily no ones being charged a fee.
So be thankful this site is here and just respect the rules.
This isn't directed at anyone one individual, its just my opinion as a moderator on a subject that has been dragging for way to long now.

We can outline the rules time and time again, believe me , it doesn't work 99% of the time.
even if it popped up in bright flourescent letters each time you logged on, the amount of stuff that ends up in the bad threads forum is unbelievable!!!

theres always going to be ppl who are going to have flame wars on religion, post links to porn sites, swear like mad men in there posts, and we'll delete em as we see them.
that's it.

(sorry for the long post)
Grant van Gameren
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