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When I decided to finally get my snake tattoo, I couldn't decide on what species to get since I like a lot of different types of snakes. I decided to go with a skeleton of a python/boa. The original design was to wrap from hip (skull) to ankle (tail) but I backed off a bit and my tattoo artist freaked when I showed him a drawing of it. He said it was worse than Celtic Knots. The compromise was from knee to the top of my thigh and it's still not shaded. It'll probably take another 15-20 hours of work to shade the hundreds of vertebrae/ribs. It took 15 hours just to get the outline done and I had a very experienced artist. One of these days, I'll find someone to finish it for me since my original artist left town and I haven't found someone else that I trust enough to complete the shading.

Ok, enough about me... As far as an idea for your vine and snake- how about an eyelash viper? Or did you have a specific species of snake in mind...
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