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All I can say is don't get flash!!! Any real artist IMHO won't even tattoo it on you. They should MAYBE use some Flash as inspiration to draw up something orginal & thats it. I was in Camp in the bush one time & there was 3 guys with the same Tattoo's, all from different artists, but obviously done from the same bulk Flash that they hand out with beginner kits. You are an individual (I assume?) & a tattoo is a very personal, lifetime thing. I'm just in the process of starting to get inked myself (this Friday is round 2 WOO HOO!) & I waited 20 years to do so. When I was 15-16 I hung out with a "rough crowd" & had a few "artists" as friends. I passed on a Sh1tload of free work throughout my teenage years & early 20's & was glad I did. I saw lots of guys "scarred for life" IMO. Even the guys that got decent work got screwed as the quality of the ink became quite apparrant over the years. Not to mention the few that got Hepititus (sp.) If it is not a licensed business with all the proper health inspections etc. I would strongly suggest elsewhere. Bleach does not substitute an ottoclave (sp.). Make sure you see the artists work also. Not just drawings & flash, but actual pics etc. of work in skin. Take your time & shop around. There are way too many crappy tats out there already, get yourself some real art, you only have 1 canvas LOL Mark I.
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