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I completely respect the moderators but that doesn't mean that I agree with every decision or rule they make.

First of all I just wanted to point out that in the desvription of the general forum it says, " Anything goes.. (If there isn't another forum for your thread)" things like this can be very misleading and if I didn't know better I would think that ANYTHING was aloudd to be discussed here.

Religion and politics are two things that everyone is effected by daily. I see people talking about politics here regularily and on occasion religion. I, myself, enjoy learning about different religions. I also like to hear peoples oppinions on politics but I can't stand when people begin to turn nasty, making personal attacks, ignorant comments or just say stupid things to purposely make people angry.

I think that the moderators should enforce a one-warning system. If people make personal attacks etc. on the forums they should get one warning. If they do it again then they should get banned.

If people are going to do anything to purposely offend someone then they should at least do it in private and in respect for the rest of us. If they really have a bone to pic with someone then that should be done in private aswell. We need to open our eyes and realise that as individuals what we do will effect EVERYONE.

The moderators obviously work very hard but I think a plan needs to be made and rules need to be posted so that as a community we can fuction properly. Also, If we are going to complain about something I think that we should make suggestions on how the mods can make things better. They have lives outside of this forum and is really alot of work. If we can help 'em out, I think this forum could become a better place.

Just my oppinion.

PS: please excuse any grmatical errors etc.(or if things are weird, silly) as I just finishes 4 hours of sports and it is fairly late.
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