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I totally aggree Shane, herping itself is a political activity. We are all representatives of eachother to the rest of the world. One irresponsible keeper reflects badly on all the others. The same thing happens in discussions that aren't necessarily only political or religious but just contentious, like this one for example. This discussion isn't either political or religious but it is just interesting enough to have the potential for stupidity. I believe you when you say that you wish you didn't have to police at all, your lenience toward those that have occasionally crossed the line proves what you say. We've agreed that the rules are there to prevent the personal attacks but what I'm saying is forbidding certain, select topics isn't an effective way of doing that. The way to do that is something you are already doing anyway which is removing those who can't be civil. You would know better than most of us with your experience that some people can behave like idiots no matter what the topic of discussion is.
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