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Its exactly restrict personal attacks. Alot of the topics on here can sometimes border line on adult content. Being that a large percentage of our member base is under the age of 18, we decided along time ago to protect those members where possible. I guess the goal is to keep underaged members from seeing what we believe is unsuitable. From our past experiences, and trust me, we are not new at the web game, religious and political posts rarely come out as pleasant in the end. The problem is that all it takes is one negative comment from one negative individual and the whole thing snowballs. I personally am one of those ppl that just dont read and respond to posts like those...and i think a couple ppl mentioned the whole..just dont click idea. I try to remain unbiased where possible and only read the threads for potential problems.

I should mention that i wasnt suggesting that you were attacking mods...i think i projected that wrong..sorry. What i was trying to do is explain how things are defined. We get alot of backlash sometimes and it comes with the job i guess. Im sure those who know me will say that i am actually quite a nice person and very easy going. Like i mentioned before, i hate having to edit and police..but again thats the job. All i can hope for is one day to have the site working to the point where my job becomes obsolete. Nothing would please me more then to not have to step in. But if you will allow me one comment i would like to say this. I belong to other boards. I belong to other types of web based forums, and am a webmaster myself. What has always blown my mind is the inablility of herpers to really see the big picture to the hobby. This hobby although in recent years has made leaps and still on the whole not understood. In some cases its frowned upon and grossly and unfairly stereotyped as being wrong...or un-necessary. With this in mind, why can herpers not unite. Its you verses the statisquo. Members of this hobby will one day i hope realize that herper unity is the real goal here. Once thats achieved then we can make the world understand its importance. In the meantime all i can do it sit at this screen and shake my head. Unite for your own self worth, for the hobby as a whole, and mostly for the animals that we all love. Everything in the hobby depends on our ability to show the world what it truely is to be a herper.
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