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I assume you're talking to me MouseKilla,

You will never change someone's Political or Religious beliefs by arguing the other side with them. Those are the two things that people feel most strongly about if they express an opinion. You might be able to sway someone who doesn't have an affiliation one way or the other, but you'll never convince someone with strong Christian beliefs to give Satanism a try and you'll never make a Reform party member hop on over to the NDP. People simply do not discuss those two topic rationally. You can start out trying to, but even in this thread where we haven't directly discussed anything specifically religious or political people are getting heated.

You definatlely can change people's minds when they've been given erroneous (sp?) information about herps. That's why this site exists in the first place. However keeping a herp has very little to do with Faith. Which is what what most Religion and politics are based on. Belief and faith in the ideas of the church or political party of your choosing. Those people have already chosen thier stance. That doesn't make them closed minded as you've implied. It means they've made a choice and don't appreciate people trying to tell them they're wrong.

As i've said before in this thread. this site is run by the owners and they are allowed to make and enforce any rules they like. Those topics have been disallowed. If you don't like it, discuss them on another forum and use this forum for what it's intended for.
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