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I was banned yesterday for discussing religion. The debate arose out of a thread were a young guy asked how snakes were demonized. The evolutionists and Christ bashers were given free reign to say what they wanted, but when I defended Christianity, immediately I was told we do not discuss this here. Why were the Christ bashers not told that before I posted? I do not know how the policy is written, but a “a not religious discussion” policy is not enforced. What is enforced is a no “pro Christian discussion.” I would like to point out that I have never started a religious thread, and the only time I have posted in them is to defend my beliefs when they are bashed by others. If there was truly a “no religious discussion” rule, then I would never have to defend my beliefs, and I would not be banned now. Thanks ------------Chuck ( were banned for your constant harassment of others on this site and your unwillingness to let a topic or argument die even after you had been warned by either the admin or moderators on this site. You have be warned several times and yet still can't seem to understand why you have been removed. Chuck, i think your a very smart individual. Your passion for herps shows and i think someone with your knowledge on the subject is a great asset. However your attitude for not obeying the rules of the site have made you a constant thorn in the side of the moderation staff. In the future i hope your able to one day come to a peace within yourself and find that its not necessary to bash or bother or intice others. Once you realize this, i think you'll be a greater person. Shane.
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