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Here is the rules as they will be defined! Part of the Job as an administrator, or a Moderator is to deem what is suitable and what is not. Yes...its alot of work...i know..ive been here since the sites inception. As MouseKilla noted, alot of things can and will cross the line between politics and religon. Part of my job is to decide when its crossed the line to far. We as mods have been given the ability to decide what stays and what goes based on our definition of what is viewable, allowable, family oriented and generally in the best interest of the visitors to the site. We are not perfect...sometimes we make bad calls. Fortunately for us we have an admin team that understands that ppl make mistakes. I myself have made huge mistakes during the time this site has been up and running and ive used them to correct myself in future handling of problems.

As Corey pointed out, sometimes topics are let to slide as we deem them okay for the viewing public. The hard part of this job is sometimes deciding what is debate and what is an all out argument. Often its easier to just step in and say tone it down. But sometimes this doesnt work so we are forced to close the thread. I personally hate having to police anything, and having to move something that i think is unsuitable is sometimes an extremely hard decision for me. Often, behind the scenes in parts of the site that the rest of you cannot see, we as mods discuss and decide together. From there we take action.

We once thought about being a 100% herp only general room. But just like the chat room, we realized that this is a community of ppl who want to say happy birthday. Who want to be friends, who want to show off their new car...and yes, some want to relay their beliefs and political views. I guess before i ramble too point is this. You can never 100% stray away from the two topics. But we can as a community try our best to get along first off...and secondly understand that sometimes mods will make rules that you wont like...just like life. I think what should be done instead of trying to rally the entire site to comment, is to simply ask one of us why something got closed or moved. I myself am available in the chat room...and or i check my emails regularily. I cannot speak for other mods 100% of the time, but i will try my best to give you a reason or definition as to why something was done...hope this makes sense.

As always, if anyone would like to contact me for this or any other questions regarding the site, please feel free to email me, I will reply as soon as i can
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