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The problem is, Jon, that as I showed earlier, you cannot isolate politics or religion as subjects. They are things that bleed into any and all other topics. People disagree on all sorts of subjects, strongly, but it isn't disagreement that insults and offends, it's personal attacks that do. I know people that are religious and others that aren't, both types are willing to discuss their point of view so long as they are not attacked for how they feel. Guys like Chuck for example have to defend their minority opinion but that doesn't mean he has the right to insult them nor they him. We already have a debate going here with people on both sides, neither side is insulting the other and that's good conversation. This conversation isn't a strictly political or religious one but it is lively enough that someone could get carried away and cross the line into the realm of insults. The rest of us can't control that so instead of making a new rule that says we can't discuss the site's rules why not just say anything goes but personal attacks? What is the point of discussion if no one can disagree or say contraversial things?
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