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The problem with what you're saying is that you've arbitrarily decided that one kind of off topic debate is ok and another isn't. Again, instead of having all these complicated restrictions on topics why not just restrict insults and attacks? I have seen just as many (probably more actually) personal attacks in threads that are directly related to the herp keeping as I have seen in ones that are off topic and in the end isn't that what all the rules are there to stop? Sure people come here to learn about, buy, sell and trade herps only but this General Discussion area is more than that. It's a place where members can socialize with eachother. We know we all have one thing in common so it's natural to see what else we agree on and also what we don't. I want to point out that those who are only interested in strictly herp related topics have the whole remainder of the site to look at, no one is forcing anyone to read off topic posts or threads so why spoil it for the rest of us? If debate or off topic discussion is to be discouraged then what is the sense in even have a General Discussion area?
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