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I'm not a religous person at all. Infact, I view most relegions as brain washing. Most religions you are told what you can and cannot do, what you can and cannot eat, what you can and cannot think.....etc. However, a reptile site is NOT the place to discuss this.

I think the people of this site have lost sight of what is an acceptable topic of discussion. If the general forum was truly an "anything goes" type of forum then that means "everything goes". But, common sense would dictate that some topics aren't allowed. Some topics that come to mine are rape, torture, murder, child abuse, weird sex fantasies.....etc. This is just my personal view but this is a reptile should be kept as close to reptile related as possible. I think that ANYTHING reptile related can be discussed and if you get the odd offtopic post such as the "Happy Birthday" posts, or "look at my new car"....etc can should be allowed but if you want to discuss other offtopic discussions please take them off the site or find another site relating to your topic.

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