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Oh come on! This is a discussion about the site itself, not a debate on the forbidden topics themselves. This thread isn't a debate on those things so what "bad direction" is this going in? Is discussing the rules of this site now forbidden too? What is wrong with a civilized debate especially if it directly relates to this site or the hobby it is centred around? If a discussion deteriorates into an insult contest then maybe then it should be shut down but it makes more sense to let those who want to have a rational, adult debate to do so and to remove the offending person. It isn't the topics that offend people, it's the people that insult instead of debate. Some people can debate any topic without resorting to childish attacks and I would say this group forms the vast majority of the membership of this site. There are also those that cannot be civil and respectful even if it is just a discussion on herpetology and I would say that these people are a tiny minority of the membership of this site. Instead of forbidding subjects why not just ban those who cross the line into insults and attacks?
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