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I just started a new job at a pet store 3 days ago.....Im liking it so far, but our company gives a certain amount of money per month to which you may purchase/write off things for enclosures for all the animals, each departemt gets a diffrent amount and this is a big chain pet store. When i use to go in there i could do nothing but complian about the baby gecko that was in a 20 gal with no heat with the much larger bearded dragon! or the green tree frog with no water....or the birds with no tails 'cuse thir cages were too small....but things are really getting better, i think alot of it had to do with the fact that thier employees just were not knowledgeable enough to know that what they were doing was not good. Getting paid minimum wage to them just wsent worth the effort to reaseach what these animals needed. Now i know ive only been there 3 days that time things have changed and willl hopfully stay that way. This is my second job at a chain pet store.....I worked at the other one for 2 years and had to quit because i was moving...Although their care was much doing my best to teach the staff at this new place that what their doing could be done better. Maybe if you sit down and talk to your employees or co workers what you expect the enclosures to look like, they'd listen. I dont see why a company would say no to adding new things to an enclosure especally if it wasyour own money.....Anyways just my $0.02 Oh and as for customers not going home with the right purchases for the animal......I would refuse it no matter what anyone said.
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