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Some People

I was looking in the paper yesterday and it said 1 Ball python for sale biggest around. And will only sell to people that know how to care for snakes. Well i called him and he said that it was 1 years old and about 7' So i started to wonder a bit and asked him if i could come see it. So i went to look at it. And what i saw was a 7' BURMESE give or take and it's enclosure was a 30 gal tank. No heat No light and it was on Dirt that looked like he had dug it up from out side. I asked him how long has he been into snakes and he told me 5 years. And that he was more into the Big snakes and that is why he was selling his so called BP. So today he called me and asked if i wanted the snake I told him i would like to see it again. So he came over here and stated asking me if i was ready to own a snake.....LMFAO! I told him to come on up stairs and i would show him what i have for snakes as soon as he walked into the herp room his eyes almost poped

I then told him that he did not have a BP but a Burmese python with that said he turned around and told me that this was his first snake. To make a long story short i told him that he in fact was not taking proper care of the snake and if he wanted i would give him what small burms are going for $50. So now i have one more burm to the You don't even want to know what he was feeding it 2 adult mice (LIVE) every 10 days. I have had her home for 2 hours so far and in a new enclosure she has already taken 2 jumbo rat's as if they were nothing. She is thin but not for long i think she will be just fine now.

Like i said SOME PEOPLE!

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