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Hey thanx alot everyone. Was out and doing a few small get togethers after work and once I got on computer and net a few people reminded me my snake loving friends here remembered my special day too. So I checked in and saw you fellows and your congrats, much appreciated.

So far lots of desserts, and a few to many bubbley but all in all a great time. Main party is Saturday being the weekend gets us all more crazy for partying.

My finacee Analisa picked up my cutest gift being a new puppy, my second love in dogs next to my dobermanns I now have a rottweiler puppy, yahoo. Still need to name him - any ideas will be considered. A few other gifts being from my racing friends a new body kit for my sporty car and some pick me ups in speed as well. Work gives me a paid day of leave tomorrow so that is cool too. Family takes care of the personal stuff like clothes and house items, yeah house items I am so domesticated now, lol.

I guess a few things I am wishing on to surprize me would be some surprize boas from Jeff Favelle and Chris Marshell and BIG DAN, hmmm Henry and Don, lol....come on guys surprize me, please. Any one wanna sport me an anery boa (wink wink)!

Well thanx everyone for remembering and the congrats. Turning 32 has its pros and cons but is always a good thing when people remind you and congrat you on your special day.



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