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Rachel, you sound like a very nice girl. See the worst thing about this situation is she doesn't seem to care about how upset I am. She used to care about stuff like this (the "oh I could never hurt you, I love you sooo much") But, as much as it hurts, it seems that she just felt that way cause she didn't ahve anybody else. Now she's always chatting on the internet, talking to him, etc... It's so obvious she doesn't care also... I mean she'll be sitting on the computer talking to him and I'll be sitting in the same room with tears in my mother ****ing eye and she would just sit there takling and giggling. Not one word of a lie. And this is literally about 1/20th of the problem. Thanks for the reply and good luck to you.

I'm sure it hurts to lose somebody you care about... but you seem to be honestly SORRY and that's what matters I think. I don't think you should have to still be getting over it.
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