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ok i'm skipping over replies so just ignore me if it's already been said! lol......

No matter the age 17 or 71 it is still hard as hell. You said you can hear her talking on the phone? Does she live with you and your fmaily? If so kick her out, it will do nothing but hurt you more the longer she stays there.

If she has no where else to go, then make her find a place, as cruel as that sounds. Not everyone can be friends after being together.

If she is "seeing (Dating)" this other person while she was still with you, then it is cheating. But some people define cheating in different ways....

You basicly said that now that she's gone you "have no life" that is just as hard, it's even harder when her friends are your friends and now that she's gone they don't want anything to do with you (personal experience, if thats not your case then great!) go out and find new friends, your 17, go on a weekend away with some friends...or find someone else.....

No one can really say you can't be serious at a young age..........

I was engaged when 16, but she cheated, repeatedly, and was physicaly and mentaly I broke up with her, and kicked her out of my home (with my family) the time of break up I was 17.

I met a wonderful woman online while with my ex......she flew out from Mass to meet me......and we have been together now for almost 2 years (this December!) and plan on getting married (When and IF it's ever legalized)
For almost a year afterwords my ex tormented us stalked us, phoned at all times of the day and night.....

Don't discredit seriousness at a young age....

Just my 2 cents........
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