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I haven't read this whole thread so excuse me if I repeat this. I just thought I'd say it right away. First off, it sounds like she's cheating on you, majorly.
But then again, I went through something somewhat like this and I was the girlfriend...
I had being going out with this one guy for about 3 months during summer. My first TRUE feelings for a real guy. Well, I started school and we still talked every night as usual until a friend from out of town came over and I was sort of flirting with this guy at school (his worst nightmare and my biggest mistake). Since my friend was over I thought it would be rude to talk to someone on the phone, because I mean, she's the guest and all. But my big mistake was letting that one guy charm me. I ended up calling my boyfriend up, and being the honest "never tell a lie, tell alomost everything to your bf" type.. I told him about the situation. Well we had gone over this before about if he or I found another person we liked that we would go out with them, but each of us would always get upset and say "no I'd never do that to you!" So he insisted I go out with the guy and for about an hour I kept saying "no, no way... I could never hurt you" But he had the idea that he wanted me to go out with that guy and then if I ever broke up with the guy I could go back out with my boyfriend again. So I took that chance, but soon regreted it. Because well, you know, the next day I was asked out by the guy I had a crush on... I turned him down (because I wasn't ready, of course). That night I called up my former boyfriend and asked if he could take me back and that I was sorry for everything. I even cried like hell because I felt like a total moron. Sadly, he told me I would have never done that to him if I had really loved (in my case) him as I had said. I regret it all, now. It's been months since that has happened and I'm still not over it. It really hurts to lose someone you really care about, especially when it's your fault. I just want to say... don't take her stupid jokes. Talk to her, and if you really feel like she doesn't like you just end it right there and forget about her. She will realize what she lost, espcially if you gave it all to her.
Something I would like to add, though, is... I did go out with the crush guy and he ended up being a total stupid loser. He lied to me and everything, and all he wanted was sex. Mwahahaha he will NEVER score, that dumb@$$.
Anyhoo, just think about what I said. When it all comes down to it, girls are just a bunch of stupid b**ches sometimes. Good luck!
Who are you callin' a freak?!

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