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Ontario herper:

I was going to let you have the last word but I obviously pissed you off with my last couple of posts and would like to clear up a few misconceptions that you tried to state about them.

Before I type out anything else let me just say it is a sad and pathetic thing that you gather your information (and would go as far to source it) from the discovery channel. Do you have any idea how fake nature documentaries are? I doÖ. Iíve seen them being taped! Please do not use nature documentaries when you are debating something with me. It seriously makes me want to run to the washroom and vomit.
I find it highly amusing that every time I mention a source of information you seem to think that i've stated it's the Holy Bible of snakekeeping. Caresheets DO have usefull information, Not all of them but enough that you can glean what you need to from them. Same with books, which you seem to conveniently forget that I read as well. I find the Discovery channel and The Learning Channel both to be very valuable information sources on all sorts of topics. I've seen some very good shows on herps. So please, vomit away. By the way, How many documentaries on Ball Pythons have you seen being taped? I'm curious how many trips to Pakistan and Afghanistan you've made? I've never seen a documentary being taped, I think it would be a very interesting experience.

It was a complete fluke that Steve happened to post at that particular time. If you feel differently then deal with it!
Yes, i'm sure it was.

Is this more serious keeping youíve done over the past 6-7 years the one ball pythons youíve had for the same amount of time? Please feel free to expandÖ..
I'd be happy to! What I meant was that i've kept various herps as pets for most of my life. Frogs and Salamanders when I was a child, Garter snakes and anoles as a teen and more recently my Ball Python and Leopard Geckos. Until I was in my early 20s for the most part they were just pets and I had a general interest in herps. Since then i've researched more thoroughly into the specific species I keep and am interested in, hence being more 'seriously' into the field, rather than just 'general herp knowledge' I've found information whereever I could get it. The net, books I own, other books at the library, even the dreaded documentary Clear enough?

Wow what a profound statement. Can I ask what else you expected to do at the zoo? Animals rid themselves of bodily wasteÖ were you not aware of that? Someone has to clean these nice gifts up. Would it not make sense that the people who care for the animals (see zookeeper) clean up after them. Hmmm I thought that would be common sense. Guess not???
I did exactly what I expected I would be doing. Cleaning up animal cages. Obviously my attempt at humor was lost on you. No matter. *shocked* You mean animals have to defecate too?!?! I had NO idea! (That was sarcasm by the way, just in case it was too high brow for you again)

For the record, the zookeepers at the Calgary zoo don't do a whole lot of shoveling, that's the job for volunteers and apprentice zookeepers

I guess youíre back up on that horse again because that comment sure sounds like you think youíre too good to be cleaning animal poop. Who cleans your ball python at home? Do you hire a zookeeper to do it because youíre just to dam good?
LOL! Yes, I am too good to clean up animal feces. LOL. (sarcasm again BTW )
I assure you that no one but me cleans up after any of my herps, and I make quite sure that their environments are clean. I've cleaned up more feces than most people are likely to ever see in thier lifetime. And I was both happy to do it and proud of the experience and knowledge I was gaining because of it.

The thing that gets me is the huge amount of ignorance you carry around with you. Youíve read some care sheets and youíve kept one lonely ball python (correct me if Iím wrong), and oh god! You watched discovery channel. But do you have any idea what a ball python looks like when itís fed only once a month? I know this because Iíve done it!
Ignorance? Oooooook. I haven't read 'some' caresheets. I've read dozens, specifically about Ball pythons. I've likely also read all the same books you have, it's not like there are hundreds of them on the subject. I also have spoken to anyone I could find locally that has more experience than I do about Ball Python husbandry.

You are correct that I only keep one Ball Python. Same one i've always had and i'm fairly certain i'll have her for some decades to come. I don't have to underfeed my snake to know it's a bad idea. I've varied the space between feedings as well, i'm sure we all have at one point or another. I think 2 weeks was the maximum I ever went between offering food to her. I think that once a month is insufficent and telling a new BP keeper that feeding once a month or so is fine is just irresponsible. You certainly haven't done anything or offered any information in this entire thread that has changed my opinion on that subject.

I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to anyone who's bothered to read this far in this thread. More than once i've let myself fling mud and egg Ontario herper and his cronies on instead of just letting them have the last insulting word and letting this thread die. Sorry for that. I would also encourage anyone who is new to keeping Ball Pythons to read not only the many good caresheets available on the net, but to read any books on the subject as well. Probably the best source of information you can get is the direct experience of others. Join your local Herp society, get involved and learn from those who know more than you do and once you know something about it, pass that on to the next new guy/gal who comes along and wonders about keeping herps.

Thanks, and have a great day all. This should be my last post on this thread unless someone decides that they just have to get a few more insulting remarks in before letting it go

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