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Good point J-man. It was addressed to me, so if you donít want to read, avoid the forum. I think he choose this rather then PM because there are probably several people out there wondering the same thing, open forum reaches them as well.

In the Old Testament people were saved by faith in a coming savior. Their faith was demonstrated by their works or, through following the law. The Old Testament was physical. You had physical evil in the Philistines and physical good in the choosen people, the Hebrews. The New Testament is less physical and more spiritual. Under the New Testament you are saved through faith and not by works. There is no longer a physical enemy of Godís people. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled is convincing the world he doesnít exist. The devil does not want cults worshipping him, he hates that. What he wants is to draw attention away from him. That is why he created things such as evolution. He wants the scientists to explain him away just as they do God. Just think for a minute how many would be saved if God opened the gates of hell for just 5 minutes and let all the intellectuals see true hell? But that isnít the way it works. Itís all faith based. To the meat of your question, who is going to hell? All kinds of people, bad people, good people, white people, back people, Jews, Muslims, (so-called) Christians. As I quoted before, Christ tells us that only thru him will you make it to heaven. He also tells us that narrow is the path that leads to heaven, and wide is the path that leads to hell. Many will follow the wide path, only a few will follow the narrow. If you are concerned about yourself, this is what you must do. 1. Believe Christ is the son of God and that he died for your sins. 2. Pray a simple prayer and ask God to forgive you of your sins and accept the gift of salvation. Donít expect a complete overhaul over night. The Bible says that we must repent of our sins, but that only means changing your attitude toward them. As a lost man, you commit sins with no remorse, as a saved man, you will still sin, but the Holy Ghost will convict of it and you will have remorse. Christ saves you, then the Holy Ghost will guide you and if you allow him, he will help you to grow as a Christian.
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