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For the record this post is directed at Slennesh.

Before I type out anything else let me just say it is a sad and pathetic thing that you gather your information (and would go as far to source it) from the discovery channel. Do you have any idea how fake nature documentaries are? I doÖ. Iíve seen them being taped! Please do not use nature documentaries when you are debating something with me. It seriously makes me want to run to the washroom and vomit.

For the record I have numerous friends with 20++++ years experience with herps, especially snakes. These people would absolutely blow your mind (I know from first hand experience). The have forgotten more than you may ever hope to know about keeping captive snakes. It was a complete fluke that Steve happened to post at that particular time. If you feel differently then deal with it!

ďI've been keeping herps in one form or another for almost 20 years. Seriously for the last 6 or 7.Ē

Is this more serious keeping youíve done over the past 6-7 years the one ball pythons youíve had for the same amount of time? Please feel free to expandÖ..

Your comments to Steve are pretty weak. Not sure thereís a lot that I can say about them. Other than they were really weak and lacked any real value.

Your comments to Lori showed a complete lack of intelligence.

ďIv'e done a lot of volunteering at the Calgary zoo while I still lived in Calgary, (which in case you are wondering involves feces more often than pretty much any job you could ever want)Ē

Wow what a profound statement. Can I ask what else you expected to do at the zoo? Animals rid themselves of bodily wasteÖ were you not aware of that? Someone has to clean these nice gifts up. Would it not make sense that the people who care for the animals (see zookeeper) clean up after them. Hmmm I thought that would be common sense. Guess not???

I guess youíre back up on that horse again because that comment sure sounds like you think youíre too good to be cleaning animal poop. Who cleans your ball python at home? Do you hire a zookeeper to do it because youíre just to dam good?

You have insulted others for not sharing information. Can I ask exactly what information you have shared? That is of course, other than your lack of original thought and common sense.

The thing that gets me is the huge amount of ignorance you carry around with you. Youíve read some care sheets and youíve kept one lonely ball python (correct me if Iím wrong), and oh god! You watched discovery channel. But do you have any idea what a ball python looks like when itís fed only once a month? I know this because Iíve done it! I also know what a BP looks like when itís been fed every 7-10 days. Iíve done it! So you see I have EXPERIENCED both sides of the argument. Youíve only had contact with one side. But because the care sheets on the net and the discovery channel told you to feed your snake every 7-10 daysÖÖ. Thatís all you know! So how can you come on here when you donít know one side of the story? Itís simple, you canít!!!

So unless you have something WORTH saying this conversation seems somewhat over?
David Smith

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