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Slannesh, Ontario Herper =Dave. It says his name at the bottom of every post now with this information yes, Scotty Allen agreed with Ont Herp AKA Dave. And yes the post I was talking about was Daves!
Again if you want to read my post you will see that I clearly stated "Not to say there is not good info on the net, or that things can't be learned on a site like this. I know I have gotten some great info on web sites abotu herps." So yeah I alreayd stated that things can be learned on the net.
In the last statement I made you missed the point, so I'll write it again. I was saying that just because people agree with you it doesn't mean its the norm. In order for you to know what norm is you would have to know how every person who has ever kept a ball python has fed it!
Steve and Lori can speak for them selves about what you said about them, but what I will say is I think you should read steves post again. Because from what I saw your name wasn't mentioned once. And it sounds to me like hes talking to everyone in general not just you! As for Lori I can say 100% that yes she is a keeper at the Toronto zoo, who works with reptiles. I know this because I worked at the Toronto zoo for a bit as well.

Sunrunner I think its good that you can appriciate what other people have to say! And can see some one elses point of view. Not to say you will feed your snake once a month, but you can understand that there may be a bit more to learn. I think its also awesome that you said that thing about keeping minds open to learn. I agree 100% I think also agree that no one can be right, its a matter of personal opinion, just agree to disagree! Everyone thinks what they are doing is best for the animal so leave it at that. If the animal is healthy then why change what you are doing?
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