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Just thought i'd fire off a quick reply to KristenM as well since i'm at it

Scotty had this to say:

A wonderful, sound sensible post David, good on ya'. There's an awfully lot of grossly over fed captive snakes (and other herps) out there, maybe someone will learn something here
I said "To my knowledge" I have no idea who Scotty is, in fact the only person I know that uses this forum at all is Invictus.

Scotty said he agrees that overfeeding is bad. I agree that overfeeding is bad. I would jump on someone probably even harder for feeding an adult Ball Python every other day than I would for once a month. Granted I doubt there are many Balls that would willingly take an appropriately sized meal every other day. he did not however say he agreed with everything Ontario herper has posted in this thread however. Just that point.

Onto your post:

If you are refering to Dave's last post, read it again, hes posing a question not a personal opinion. And Dave has more respect for the "old time herpers" (no offence), the very people you are talking about who bred snakes way back before you or I was even a zygote, than the majority of herpers I know.
And just for clarity the post of Ontario herpers' that we're talking about

And now let me pose this question……

Is it cruel and in-humane to breed reptiles?

After all I was accused of starving my ball python by feeding it only once a month. How about cooling an animal and not feeding it for several months? Breeding can be extremely taxing on the health of a reptile, females especially. So how do you feel about putting animals through this sort of ordeal?
He was defending his normal practice of feeding his snake once a month by asking if I thought it was cruel to cool a snake to get it to breed.

Some species of snakes will not breed unless such precautions are taken. I've already stated I don't know much about Ball Python breeding so I don't know if it's necessary for them to do so. Breeding is a natural thing for every living thing on this planet. Of course it isn't cruel, it can definately be traumatic for the animal, but it's not cruel. I think only offering food once a month is cruel. If he was offering every two weeks and the snake refused like Vanaths does i'd be fine with it. But he's stated that he doesn't do that.

Moving along

His point is that there is much more infromation in the right book, or from the right person first hand and less room for error, because they are edited by people who know what they are talking about. Unlike, the internet where any anybody can make up a care sheet
So there are no knowledgeable people on the net offering good advice at all. Caresheets don't ever get edited do they? And none of them could possibly be written by anyone who has any knowledge of the subject of course. What rubbish. Books are generally written by people who know what they're talking about. They're edited by someone who cares about spelling and grammatical errors and how many pages of space the book will take up and how many pages of 'useless information' they can crop so it'll all fit into the X # of pages the Publisher decided to grace this particular author with.

I also recall cautioning people against reading only one caresheet and taking it as 100% correct. Read as many as you can find, When most of them agree i'm a lot more comfortable accepting that information as correct. There are people publishing completely untrue information in caresheets. My method catches most if not all of those errors.

Quoting you quoting me

*Quoting "Slannesh"*
"I could be wrong, but when the vast majority of individuals who have discussed this topic agree with me that tells me that my experience is far from unique. It is the norm."

Now whos on a high horse? With this statement you are implying that you are right. There is no right answer to this debate. Again going from what I said above about info on the net, no offence to those who posted, but just because people agree with you does not mean they know what they are talking about or that they are credible sources. I'm sure many of the people who posted on here have good reason for their opinion but that does not mean that is the norm or that its right.
Was my statement incorrect? Most people did agree with me. I even admitted that there is a possiblity that I may be wrong alltogether. If that's a high horse I think i'll stick with my broken down pony, i'll see more of the terrain.

Have a nice day.

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