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We can all learn something everyday And all though I have not changed my view I do honestly believe their is more then one way to skin a cat as the saying goes. Like in my other line of work as a fitness professional as in reptile husbandry not one things works for every subject. Perhaps Dave's way is right so perhaps is mine or Slannesh's. But ore likely so are both. Sorry for being stubborn. Only be keeping our minds open and listening can we improve. If things were still done like they were 50 years ago (feeding turtles dried ant eggs, etc) where would our captive herps be? Sorry Ont Herper for getting to personal a better idea would be in the future for us both to learn from each other and not bicker over our differing views. There is no one way. Everyone has valid points and every one has invalid points. I personally know reptile keepers with just as much experience as the above two (Lori & Steve) who believe the opposite and have been equally successful. There is so much more we need to learn of these incredible animals that saying my answer is the right one is not even possible. We could all be totally wrong with our care. Only by experimenting and study can we learn. Let's try and do it as a team...not rivals.
"Only through education do we teach the ignorant that which we love is not evil but wonderous"....

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