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well I personaly am all about secound chances I apreciat your Pm apolagie also If you are willing to learn and want to be respected in time you will see that all you need to do is be up front and in your face dont suger coat anything but alwase show respect to the ppl that you know have more experiance then your self cause thows ppl could mean the difrence from life or a long sufering deth in one of your animals.

and if you see a stupide Question on the bords just over look it till some one actualy sais somthing you realy do not aprove of be ready for good debats that is how I got known on the site.

I am the guy that wrights realy long misspled post'
some ppl respect me for what I do some ppl hate me because I read betwian the lines and see what they are realy all about and some ppl are just amused to see what kinda twisted responce I will come up with next...LOL

so ya I am looking forward to having some good debats with you and I am sure that if you are up front brandon will be wiling to give a secound chace just be honest and you will see just how far you will go man take care.

P.S Brandon did not want to miss-represent you but you are a man of comen seces I THINK. lol hope you will not get upset with me :P
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