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Originally posted by Slannesh
Because when you're heart is breaking the sea seems like an awfully lonely place.
That's really well put. I don't mean to put down everybody else though. You're all being EXTREMELY helpful. And I really appreciate everything you're all doing for me.

I told her straight how I feel. How I feel like she's jerking me around, and it almost seems like she just wants to see how much I can take before I pop. She sort of broke down and cried and talked about how sorry she was. And how this new guy isn't all that he *pretended* to be(gee, I wonder who told her this was gonna happen from the start? ) She also told me that she "chooses me". But she also said she still have SOME feelings left for him but she's virtually positive that I'm the guy she wants permanently. But I'm not sure if I'm buying. I could see this doing a complete 180 on me within a day. So I think what I'm gonna do is get back together with her but take *NO* crap from her. If this happens again, it's adios.

So, if anybody wants to give any advice on whether I'm doing the right thing or not, feel free. It's more than welcome. If not, I'm extremely grateful for what those of you have done for me already. It has really helped a lot... and even given me a good laugh or 2....
Kick the skank to the curb
Thanks again!

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