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sorry About...

Sorry about certain things and comments to people on the board . (Burmese & Condro Python, SunRunner) I;m not just trying to fit in and I'm really trying to apolagize.
I dont have a 16 ' sulawesi (at least not yet ) I don't want to get kicked off this forum. I ordered a sulawesi a month ago and it was supposed to be 100lb. The guy I sent $600 has not sent her yet
. So far I have been told she is a yellowhead retic under 10' I'm getting very pissed off and its been showing in my posts. I don't know if this (yellowhead) is worth $600 .
I don't know how to get my money back if he dosn't send her soon (I sent an account transfer)
I HAD hoped to take her to the spookerama show here in town but she didn't come . and you guys changed my mind.
I have taken my 7' retic out in public with a duffel bag. and I have found most people are ok. Even though I had a few people freak out , I don't take here out that much anymore.
You guys are right about taking big snakes out in public, If something happend .I could possibly be responsable for putting a ban on these wonderfull creatures . Nobody wants that.
I've been keeping big snakes for a couple of years now (although it dosn't seem that way in my posts)
If this deal dosn't go through I'll still be looking for another retic . I want a female (normal) 8-12' with lots of silver colour. If anybody can help me I would be very greatfull .

Thank you for all your time and responces to my posts
Please dont turn this into a bashing post.
sorry about missleading info

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