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“Would you be concerend if someone told you they were only offering prey to their Ball python once every 4 months?”

Simple answer, yes. I don’t believe that a ball python would be able to maintain a healthy body weight on a 3 meal-a-year schedule. As I’ve pointed out a dozen times my snakes holds a healthy body weight on it’s current feeding schedule.

“could your snake survive a 7 month fast like djc3647's did last year. I'm confident mine could?"

I have little doubt that my snake could go a year without food. I guess this will be number 13… my snake is of good health and holds good body weight. Thus it could survive a long period of time without food (as we know many snakes can).

Just because your snake may be a bit fatter than mine doesn’t make it better off. Note: I have not seen your snake and you have not seen mine so this is all speculation. Sure…. Your snake may be able to go 14 months without food while mine may only be able to go 12 months. I weigh only 190lbs. Someone weighing 550lbs may be able to survive a longer period of time without food. Does that make him superior to me? Would you asses this 550lb person as being healthier than me? Somehow I think not! So this question you asked me seems somewhat useless.

Of course you don’t have to prove that I am “being cruel” to my snake. I was simply asking WHY you think I was. I wanted you to go beyond a couple care sheets and a few peoples opinions (their expertise we know nothing of). You gave me no facts of how my snake was going to eventually die from “starvation”. Instead you just said that it would.

To some extent I agree with your comparison between books and on-line care sheets. Both may contain errors. But keep in mind the amount of effort it takes to publish a book in comparison to that of creating an on-line care sheet. If you give me 30 minutes I can publish on the net. Can you do the same with a book?

Of course breeding is a biological fact. I am 22 years old you hardly need to point that out to me lol. And of course I am all for breeding snakes. I wouldn’t have any of the snakes in my collection if someone hadn’t bred them. I was just pointing out (in a sarcastic way) that you have to essentially starve a snake, in a controlled way, to get it to breed. So why do you not consider that cruel?

BTW I claimed no where in my post to be an expert! The basic message of all my posts is that my snake does fine on its current feeding schedule. It doesn’t take an “expert” to look at a snake and decide whether or not it’s under weight.
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