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*Quoting "Slannesh"*
"We wouldn't have the hobby we do today if not for those who bred snakes in the past so I think you should recheck your attitude there."

If you are refering to Dave's last post, read it again, hes posing a question not a personal opinion. And Dave has more respect for the "old time herpers" (no offence), the very people you are talking about who bred snakes way back before you or I was even a zygote, than the majority of herpers I know.

Also you metioned something to the effect that this whole thread is a "pissing contest" because someone without 20+ years keeping and breeding ball pythons hasn't posted on here. Well Scotty Allen made a post and supporting what Dave said, and he has been keeping and breeding snakes for 20+ years. And is an "old time herper" himself (no offence Scotty), you know one of those people who "bred snakes in the past". Does his opinion not count?

Also I know first hand that the animal that Dave is speaking about is a rescued animal, I am very familiar with its history. And I know that it may very well be wild caught, because it is a rescued animal and no one knows for sure where it came from originally. Alsoo the snake is an healthy adult animal that has been in Daves care for almost 4 years and is thriving! I'm am 100% confident that the animal in question could survive a 7 month fast, because I have seen it survive a 6 month fast first hand.

*Quoting "Slannesh"*
"You seem to think that books can't make mistakes.... So get off your high horse and stop talking down to us like you're some sort of expert."
I'm pretty sure we are all aware that books, or anything else in print , can have mistakes. His point is that there is much more infromation in the right book, or from the right person first hand and less room for error, because they are edited by people who know what they are talking about. Unlike, the internet where any anybody can make up a care sheet (I saw on your site that you have a ball python care sheet comming, looking forward to it!). I know many great herpers who don't go on the internet for a good reason, they think most of it is crap, kinda like this thread. Not to say there is not good info on the net, or that things can't be learned on a site like this. I know I have gotten some great info on web sites abotu herps. But ask any of the old time herpers, those who have worked with snakes for 20-30+ years, or any creditted herper at all, I would put money down that they would rather use, a book, than the net.

*Quoting "Slannesh"*
"I could be wrong, but when the vast majority of individuals who have discussed this topic agree with me that tells me that my experience is far from unique. It is the norm."

Now whos on a high horse? With this statement you are implying that you are right. There is no right answer to this debate. Again going from what I said above about info on the net, no offence to those who posted, but just because people agree with you does not mean they know what they are talking about or that they are credible sources. I'm sure many of the people who posted on here have good reason for their opinion but that does not mean that is the norm or that its right.

Anyways, I would love to hear some opinions from those who have kept snakes for 20+ years, I think we could learn something.
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