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Ontario: bunch of stuff.

I said caresheets were useful. I never said they were the last word, and I hardly "Live and die' by them. In fact I cautioned people from reading one and taking it as correct. Read as many as you can find. Books were written by people too you know. They can contain mistakes just as easily as any caresheet. And yet, an online caresheet can be corrected in seconds, a book? Well next edition. Which basically means never unless it's a huge selling title. The information they contain was collected in exactly the same way, captive observation and experimentation.

I've been keeping herps in one form or another most of my life. Ball Pythons for the last 6 years. I know nothing about breeding ball pythons nor have I ever claimed to. I don't breed my snake and have no plans to in the near future.

You seem to think that books can't make mistakes. I assure you they can, there is a reason that the encyclopedia britannica is published every year. To add new information and to correct past mistakes. It happens, bad information can be found from any source. So get off your high horse and stop talking down to us like you're some sort of expert. You aren't. Neither am I. When you have 20+ years in the field and have raised hundreds of Ball Pythons and still have your original ones healthy and active at 20+ years of age i'll concede pretty much any point you make.

Since, to my knowledge, no one that has participated in this discussion thus far has such experience it's turned into nothing more than a pissing contest.

On to your next point. *Quoting from Ontario herper*
"My whole point is that ball pythons CAN and DO live on one rat a month. People have come on here and said that I am cruel and shouldn't keep herps. One even went as far to say he wouldn't sell me a herp (I don't remember offering to buy?). People's only defense for why they should be fed every 10 days (or whatever period) is that once a month is too long and they wouldn't do that. Well WHY wouldn't you?"

People's only defence.. that's funny. I gathered my information from years of reading any source material I could find, Books, websites, the discovery channel, whatever. That, and now years of experience. I could be wrong, but when the vast majority of individuals who have discussed this topic agree with me that tells me that my experience is far from unique. It is the norm. I am certain your snake will survive for a long time on the feeding regimine you have it on. Snakes in general have a very slow metabolism, being cold blooded is an advantage in that regard.

This isn't a court. I don't have to prove you're being cruel to your snake. I think you are feeding it much less than you should be. Perhaps i'm feeding mine more than she 'needs' to simply survive. Any animal can last for a long time on barely adequite nutrition. You could feed your ball only a few times a year and it would likely live for a few years. Slow metabolism and cold blooded. You never bothered to answer my question.. Would you be concerend if someone told you they were only offering prey to their Ball python once every 4 months? I know I would be.

It would be another matter entirely if you were in a situation like Vanan, his snake refuses food except for once every 4-6 weeks or so. That's fine, the snake is choosing to eat at that point and for THAT snake it's perfectly normal. Would your snake take prey once every 2 weeks? Once a week? I would imagine it would, knowing general ball behavior.

Next question, could your snake survive a 7 month fast like djc3647's did last year? I'm confident mine could. She's never missed more than a couple of meals the entire time i've had her, but I know it is not unusual for Balls to refuse to eat for months over the winter.

[sarcasm] But since I probably learned that from a care sheet i'm sure it's wrong information and I should immedately panic and take my snake to the vet *rolls eyes* [/sarcasm]

About enclosure size. I know many people successfully keep snakes and lizards in what I consider small enclosures. Now I can only speak about animals I have actual experience in but this is a whole other topic.

Breeding: It's a biological drive that all creatures have, just like eating. Since I doubt your Ball is Wild Caught your implied opinion on breeding really makes you look foolish. Reproduction uses a lot of stored energy, calcium and many other things. That's why people who breed them take the precautions they do by cooling the snake and feeding them extra in preparation to breed them. While I don't breed BP's myself I have done some reading on the subject. We wouldn't have the hobby we do today if not for those who bred snakes in the past so I think you should recheck your attitude there. Unless of coure you think there's nothing wrong with year after year of unnecessary wild capture when there are lots of CB animals available.
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