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Snakes in the wild have to deal with seasonal variations in the food supply. That translates to a feast or famine type of existance. One would assume that through evolution, nature would program snakes with a strategy to deal with that fluctuation ie storing fat .
That there is the essence of my arguements. What works for one may not work for another. Yes, I do concede, an active bp isnt always a hungry bp, but it sometimes tends to indicate that. If everything else is well, it may be safe to try feeding it.

They are not looking for a spot to digest, as their rubbermaids are quite small - there is a finite number of "spots".
So you're saying that being in a small container means that they have ample space to look for a hiding place. Try this lil experiment. One with a snake in a bigger enclosure with many hiding spots, and one with a small rubbermaid with no hides cept for a water dish. It's an age old thing,small doesn't mean adequate hiding places. Seems like an contradictory statement to me.

Oh and btw, I wasn't being a hypocrite when I was refering to two seperate issues there Invictus.

I think there has been enough said and common ground has been struck, i.e. each individual snake has its own needs. There's is no blanket rule. This was why I even bothered participating in this debate. To show people to use their own judgement for their own snake.
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