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Last year my BP fasted for 7 months. I was bringing home small rats ever two weeks and he showed no interest. Then I cut back, and offered a meal once per month..and still no interest (even though he was active at night). This seems to be common behavior with BP's...thats why this summer I fed him often and he plumped up nicely. Now for this year, his last meal was the beginning of Oct....two weeks ago I offered him a small rat and he showed no interest. Last night he was moving all around. I am going to try to feed him again today. Most likey he will not eat. But I will try, and then I wont try again til the end of the month. If this year is anything like last, he wont eat until May.

So I wouldnt classify feeding once a month as starving, but I definately would not hold back feeding, if your snake will eat more often than that. One thing I know from keeping a BP for the last two years is that when they are NOT fasting...they eat like pigs and will take a meal every 7-10 days..or 10-14 days depending on size.
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