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Snakes in the wild have to deal with seasonal variations in the food supply. That translates to a feast or famine type of existance. One would assume that through evolution, nature would program snakes with a strategy to deal with that fluctuation ie storing fat .
Snakes in captivity on the other hand are fed regularly and roughly the size of meals that the keeper deems appropriate. WE can see our snakes all plump and contented looking. But caresheets and advice from more experienced keeper notwithstanding, we are not 100% sure what their needs are.
It comes down to observation in my opinion. I also agree with Invictus that an active snake is not necessarily a hungry one.

This is one of the topics that is almost certain to bring out a healthy debate and sometimes a nasty one. People have their beliefs and it is not surprising that they defend them. So I post this and raise shields.
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