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Slannesh you seem to live and die by care sheets posted on the net. All of your arguements have no original thought and you seem to be blinded by these care sheets. Pick up a book on breeding pythons (care sheets aren't detailed enough).

The Reproductive Husbandry of Pythons and Boas by Ross and Marzec clearly states that adults being preped for breeding should be fed heavily, the female to the point of being just overweight. But that adult animals NOT being bred should be maintaned on a lean diet because of the risk of obesity.

The main topic of this post was feeding. This is the base topic I have stuck to in all my posts.

My whole point is that ball pythons CAN and DO live on one rat a month. People have come on here and said that I am cruel and shouldn't keep herps. One even went as far to say he wouldn't sell me a herp (I don't remember offering to buy?). People's only defense for why they should be fed every 10 days (or whatever period) is that once a month is too long and they wouldn't do that. Well WHY wouldn't you?

As for snakes running around cages in search for food...

Last time I checked it was impossible to talk to a snake. We don't know for sure why they are out "hunting" around. It would seem likely that at least some of the time they are out looking for food. In the case of a ball python I would guess they are out looking for a place to employ the "sit and wait" strategy. I would also guess that many times in the wild their hidding spots many be chosen for reasons other than catching food at said location. Perhaps they enjoy the temperature and tightness of that spot. When the snake decides that it's hungry it may move to a location where it thinks it will have the best chances of catching prey.
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