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Now now, Vanan, don't be a hypocrite here:

Originally posted by Vanan
I've only heard too often, people advising newbies that an indicator to feed is when their snakes start roaming. I guess they're all wrong in saying so?

Then you also say:

Being the majority doesn't mean a thing.
So, the majority of herpers think that an active BP is a hungry BP? Well, as you said, being in the majority doesn't mean a thing. So yes, I say that they ARE wrong in saying so, since myth herping seems to be more rampant with ball pythons than with any other snake currently in captivity. I think this myth is the worst out of all of them. Just because a BP is curious or likes to roam around DOES NOT necessarily mean it is hungry. Not all BPs are cut from the same cloth.

Who's to say that your snakes weren't still hungry and looking for more food just after you've fed them. Or heck, they could just as well be looking for a place to go hide and digest their bellies. The heightened activity I'm refering to is days after they've fed and they start moving around more than just hugging the basking spot.
First off, if you saw the size of the prey we give them and the size of the enclosures we keep them in, you'd eat those words. They are not looking for a spot to digest, as their rubbermaids are quite small - there is a finite number of "spots". Secondly, anyone who knows me knows that I advocate huge prey items for boids. Believe me - they are NOT still hungry.
- Ken LePage

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